Our managing director and company founder Luke Terry has over 20 years experience in the field of design, construction and refurbishment.

As an Associate Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Luke’s qualifications and background study in architecture also afforded him opportunities to explore and develop interior design. Coupled with his extensive, practical building experience, he has a unique knowledge blend: Luke understands how the roles of architect, designer and builder overlap to provide complete design and build solutions in one.

Luke’s passion and insight in this field has resulted in him selecting highly qualified, highly skilled, motivated craftsmen able to utilise the latest specialised equipment to achieve the finest results.

LTC  are able to meet the most demanding of deadlines however complex the projects. Our exacting standards and enthusiasm set this company apart and the whole team shares this spirit. The synergy of the team, all expert in their specialised fields, is without parallel.

We love exploring ideas, spaces and materials and how they interact to improve the requirements and wellbeing of the client. We particularly enjoy projects that challenge us to create something out of the ordinary. We understand how the little touches matter. We pay exceptional attention to detail.

Of course, we ensure that all our work meets national building standards and regulations but, in addition, we future-proof wherever possible, by looking at upcoming regulations in order to meet them ahead of time.

We work hard, smart and creatively and aim to enjoy every project. Along the way we create spaces that are a pleasure to live in and productive to work in.

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